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2 words - TOTAL PACKAGE!!! I had been witness to Kon's skills as an audience observer - so when I became a Vice President and needed to finalize our team strategy as well strengthen our leadership and organizational development, having Kon lead our offsite team effort proved very rewarding. Kon is the go to person. He is a proven leader in organization and leadership development. Highly experienced, detail oriented, very personable, and adept at coming up with unique solutions/recommendations for your business challenge.

CeCe Jackson

Head of - Global Technology Ops, Customer Support & Client Delivery, Travelport

My first contact with business improvement methodologies in general and with Six Sigma in particular was with Kon. He impressed me from the first time we met as a very knowledgeable and passionate individual in the world on business improvement. Kon was one of the key reasons why I embraced Six Sigma and business improvement. His passion, his knowledge, his drive are things that motivate anyone working with him. Kon is someone I would definitely recommend and would like to work with again.

Pedro Quartin Graça

Subscriber Services Manager, Galileo International

I had the pleasure of working with Kon over several years. He has fantastic presentation skills and is able to captivate an audience. Kon was open to feedback and was also skilled at delivering feedback. I enjoyed working with Kon and believe he would be an asset to any team and would be an excellent role model.

Connie S. Ducaine

LAC, Corporate Director - Contact Center Training, Cendant

I worked with Kon on a number of global leadership development and organizational development projects across Cendant TDS (later Travelport). He always brought a thoughtful, pragmatic and innovative perspective to the projects, and provided a great counter-balance to the idealists in the team. I remember Kon as a consummate professional with whom it was a pleasure to work. I'd happily work with him again.

Steve Leaver

Learning & Development Director, Galileo (UK) by Travelport (formerly Cendant)

The first time I saw Kon facilitate I discovered that he had a special way about him--advanced well beyond his years! Always having the greater task in mind, he could help anyone understand the deepest of concepts and transition them into practical means. In addition, he was a pleasure to work alongside and I found him to be exceptionally professional and reliable.

Barry Ogle

Director of Training, Cendant

I had the pleasure of working with Kon on numerous Six Sigma projects during our tenure at Cendant. Kon is a proven leader and is able to adapt to any situation presented to him. He is creative, flexible, and not afraid to delve into unfamiliar territory. Kon has shown he has the ability to adjust his training and presentation style to all levels of the organization and is always able to captivate and motivate the audience. He has a great work ethic and is not afraid to roll up his sleeves when necessary. Kon was a wonderful colleague to work with.

Tammy Rimsky

Fixed Income Operations Manager, Prudential

I worked closely with Kon on the same team for 2 years at Cendant TDS. Besides being a joy to work with, Kon is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits to all levels of the organization. He successfully led our Six Sigma efforts, which resulted in significant cost savings. Kon consistently assumes a leadership role in project and meeting work, and inspired and motivated other employees. He is an excellent team-player and a valuable asset to any team.

Renee Mormile

AVP, Learning & Development, AXA Equitable

It was my regular pleasure to work with Kon. He spends time really listening to a situation before working together as a strong partner to collaborate on making change. His vast experience in leadership development allows him to pull from a variety of experiences to deliver a perfect end product. It was my joy to work with and get to know this outstanding human being!

Jessica Newman

Executive Director, Rock Bottom Restaurant Foundation

I had the pleasure of working with Kon during a culinary back office system rollout. Kon was instrumental in the training and implementation of our company wide rollout and then remained available indefinitely for on-going support.

John Uitti

Executive Chef, Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery

Kon is a very professional and sophisticated analyst and trainer. He and his team were tasked with integrating a new Back Office Administration system for our 100+ company-owned restaurants. They had to work out all of the operational glitches in the system and then make the system improve our store-level profitability and operational efficiency. Kon did that task very well. Kon is very intelligent, easy to work with, and a professional in every aspect.

John Hyduke

Vice President – Licensing and Franchise Development, CraftWorks Restaurants and Breweries

Kon's skills and experience are top notch. With his background in different industries it is clear his expertise is universal. He is extremely organized, detail oriented, and comes with a great sense of humor. His pride in his work is some of the best I have ever seen. Kon can traverse varying types of personalities with the goal of getting the project successfully completed. He can work at all levels of an organization. Kon would be an asset to any company.

Maryanne Rose

VP Supply Management, Rock Bottom Restaurants, Inc

I worked with Kon on a couple different projects at Rock Bottom. He always had great insight and innovative thinking on how to approach training. He was also very helpful as a go-to guy when you needed to solve a problem and needed some fresh perspective. Kon's leadership on many projects led to success.

Gretchen Miller Paules

Vice President of Marketing, Rock Bottom Restaurants, Inc

Kon has been a valuable asset to the organization as he is adept in using both his analytical and people skills. He has proven to be very capable at managing projects, leading teams, and facilitating change. During the company’s largest program deployment, his commitment, discipline, organization skills, and systems thinking contributed greatly to the successful execution of the plan. His ability to adapt his communication style and relate to the different levels of stakeholders helped others embrace the new functionality and overall changes. Since then, Kon has taken over this same program and managed to deliver consistent, reliable, and meaningful results to support our business intelligence, with only a few resources, a small team, and a positive attitude. I have enjoyed working with Kon and would recommend him for any role that requires leading others, thinking creatively, and getting results.

Brian Armstrong

CFO & Senior Vice President -- Corporate Performance Management, Rock Bottom Restaurants, Inc.

Kon is a dynamic and intuitive individual with a strong sense of ethics and a flare for detail. He has exhibited consistent flexibility and resourcefulness and would be an asset to any team. I highly recommend Kon and would enjoy working with him on any project.

Mary Bilek

General Manager/Manager, Rock Bottom Restaurants, Inc.

Kon is a detail-oriented manager with an outstanding ability to define and execute complex business strategies resulting in improved processes and efficiencies.

Timothy Yost

VP, Retail Solutions, Altametrics