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Quickly identify and assess the four key areas of your life that build your resilience.


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Kon Apostolopoulos 

Self-Care is the first key to navigating a crisis.

As leaders we often see self-care as selfish, but it's actually the opposite. It's impossible to provide safety and security for others if we feel mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually drained.

The easiest way to understand our own capabilities when it comes to serving others is to check in with ourselves first and see where we stand. Then we can create a path, navigating ourselves and others toward success.

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Results & Benefits

Use your Personal Health Assessment to:

  • Quickly assess physical habits
  • Understand mindset challenges
  • Identify emotional blocks
  • Visualize an overview of your strengths
  • Obtain greater awareness of self

This is a personal invitation for you!

Are you a business leader who is frustrated, burnt out, and not sure what to do next?

The first step to understanding your path is to assess where you are right now. 

Our old predictable norms have been lost and replaced with one crisis after the next. Resiliency skills are no longer optional. They have become essential skills in order not to sink into depression and despair.

With resiliency skills, we can actually go from surviving to thriving and start enjoying life again, regardless of our fears or real dangers.

Allow me to help you create your first step of the journey by downloading the Personal Health Assessment today. 

 I was beginning to make self-care a priority. It was an opportunity to reflect and focus myself and I’ve become more aware of my everyday wins." 

– Dr. Quincy Rose-Sewell

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Enter your name and email below. Your assessment will automatically download.

Kon Apostolopoulos

Hi, I’m Coach Kon. As a lifelong learner and naturally curious person, I have discovered that my purpose and passion is to lead, coach, and teach - in business, sports, and life.

I help individuals discover ways within themselves to improve their situation and achieve their personal and professional goals. I offer insights to expand their perspective and see situations differently.

By coaching them using the right mix of direction and support, I help my clients realize their potential and achieve fulfillment, satisfaction, and happiness in what they do.

Coach Kon's Credentials

(Co)Author of 7 Keys to Navigating a Crisis: A Practical Guide to Emotionally Dealing with Pandemics and Other Disasters.

 Award-winning coach.

 Founding Partner of the Global Institute for Thought Leadership.

 Recognized by Thinkers 360 as Top-5 Thought Leader in “Health and Wellness” and Top-10 in “Mental Health”.

Regular contributor to online industry and cultural online platforms, including Management-Issues, Thrive Global, and Achievers Engagement Blog Featured on TV (Good Morning Arizona) and mentioned in numerous regional outlets for major networks WATCH VIDEO

Three decades of hands-on professional experience in building and leading teams, managing transformational change efforts, and improving individual and organizational performance.

Numerous certifications and licenses in areas of Leadership Development, Talent Management, Human Performance Improvement, Project Management, Lean Six Sigma, and others.

 Recognized speaker and facilitator that has delivered hundreds of tailored in-person events to global audiences.


Stories On Coach Kon

"I had no idea how impactful my time with Kon would end up being for my growth and development as a leader. I had the great privilege of attending his management classes and his executive development classes. I then went on to do personal growth and leadership coaching with him. In that time, I learned not only the tactical skills I needed to effectively manage a team, but he helped me identify my personal strengths and blind spots as a leader. I am a more skilled and confident director thanks to his input and mentorship. Any company I work for will benefit from the investment made in my time with Kon. I am forever grateful for the experience."

Keri Burson

"Kon has been a tremendous coach over the years and has supported me as a leadership development expert, an executive coach, and a talent management consultant. Kon has provided value not only in my professional life but also in my personal life and I consider him a true partner."

Christopher Meek

"Coach Kon is a professional miracle worker! He helps me view complex issues from different viewpoints and gives me tactical approaches to overcome challenges. His program of developing and implementing goals geared towards my passions and strengths gets me where I need to be. His continuous guidance has led to better self-awareness and developmental growth in my career. Above all else, he listens to fully understand my professional career challenges, which often means the world in the moment of feeling stuck. Thank you!"

Megan Bond